"I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." -Albert Einstein

Of all the professions to choose, perhaps none is more impactful than teaching. Whether you teach preschool children, high schoolers, or adults, you are shaping lives and changing the world one person at a time.

A teaching career is both rewarding and challenging, but sometimes the most daunting task is obtaining your teaching certificate and finding a permanent position in a school district that fits your personality. Teaching Jobs HQ is designed to help you find the teacher certification requirements for each state and provide multiple resources for finding the right position in the right location.

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Teacher Resources

Welcome to our teacher resources page, where we put you in touch with information and tools to help land a teaching job and become the best educator possible. From classroom management to interview tips, the resources below can transform the way you think about teaching.

Guide to Getting a Teaching Job - This is the guide that has helped thousand of teachers land their dream job. You'll get common teaching interview questions, resume help, and so much more.

How to Make a Difference in the Classroom - Your guide positively impacting the life and education of your students.

Take Back That Class! - A classroom management plan that really works to change behavior and motivate students.

52 Teaching Tips - Become a better teacher by implementing just a few of these tips.